All vacations come to an end….it’s time to go home

28 04 2010

It is time for Flat Stanley to travel home…. we have enjoyed his stay.  Due to the weather we didn’t get out as much as we liked, so I am posting several pictures taken around Colorado.

The Bluffs

The Meadow

The Mountains

The lakes



Birds of Prey

Flat Stanley is welcome to come back anytime….Thank you for visiting.


Family is the best….

25 04 2010

Today we went out to eat at Olive Garden (have you noticed a pattern – we go out a lot) to celebrate Aunt Sandi’s birthday.  We had a good time, it’s always nice hanging with family.  The weather was nice this morning, but it will be turning cold again this evening.  They are calling for another snow storm.  Spring Time… Love it 😉

Aunt Sandi, Grandma, and Flat Stanley

Grandpa, Nicole, and Flat Stanley

Nicole, TJ, and Flat Stanley

TJ, Flat Stanley (wearing Grandpa's hat), and John's arm (he wouldn't get into the picture)

On the way home from Olive Garden we drove by a Bison Ranch.  They have  a store that sells Bison meat and other specialties.  Here is the website: There were several Bison laying around relaxing.

Bison Ranch

Bison at rest.

All in all, it was a very nice relaxing Sunday.  Tomorrow it’s another day at work…

After all the rain…

25 04 2010

We have not had a spring like this for 2 years.  The rain has been endless and the ground is saturated.   Here is a picture out the back door of the flooded river.  Same South Platte river as the previous pictures.

Flooded South Platte River

For the evening activity we decided to play scrabble.

What better activity than playing a family game on a rainy day.

Only in Colorado…

23 04 2010

Only in Colorado can you have down pouring rain all morning, a fluffy white flaky snowstorm at mid-day, a bit of sunshine in the afternoon, and bitter cold wind with massive clouds in the evening.  All in the same day.

Evening clouds on our way home from school

On the way home we also took a photo of the Fort St. Vrain Power Station

Xcel Energy - Fort St. Vrain Power Station

Here is a link to read more information about the power station.

One really cool thing the Xcel Energy company is doing is setting up eagle cameras so we can watch the baby eagle chicks grow up in the nest near the power station… check out the link below.  This year there are two chicks.

Later this evening we drove to Greeley, about 25 minutes north of Platteville, to buy some groceries at Sam’s Club.  The wind was blowing really hard and it was very cold.

John and Flat Stanley in front of Sam's Club - Greeley

Very moist … and dreary

22 04 2010

The weather today has been very wet and dark.  Several thunderstorms have passed through Longmont and surrounding areas.

Stormy sky above Longs Peak Middle School

It’s definitely a good day to stay inside.

South Platte River after the rain.

This is not a good picture of Flat Stanley (a bit blurry), but it does show the river full of water.  Compare it to the picture taken earlier in the week.  There was a lot of rain today.

Today was not a very eventful day… maybe tomorrow we can do a bit of exploring.

Jury Duty today!!!!!

21 04 2010

Today we were in Greeley for jury duty.  It was at the Weld County Court House on 9th ave.  What an interesting experience…the sense of responsibility was tremendous!!!  Out of approximately 40 people only 6 were chosen as jurors for this one day trial, Aunt Sandi was chosen as one of the jurors.

Weld County Court House, Greeley, CO

The trial started around 11:30, we stopped for lunch at 12:30.  We had an entire hour  for lunch…this was bonus, teachers never get an hour for lunch when they are at school.  When we came back they presented evidence until ~4pm and the jurors deliberated for a little over one hour.  At that time we went back into the court room to share the verdict.  In this case, it was guilty.  I would recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to sit on a jury to do so, it is a very interesting process.

UNC statue of their mascot 'Bears' - in the background

University of Northern Colorado (UNC) - Students on lawn eating lunch

During our lunch… since we had so much time… we stopped at the  University of Northern Colorado to get a couple of pictures.  Then we went to Wendy’s for lunch.  It was a nice afternoon, partly cloudy, but by the end of the day there were several thunderstorms in the area.  Typical spring weather for Colorado.

Lunch at Wendy's 😉

Cruising home...

After a long day of doing our civic duty, it was time to go home.  Now, what should we have for dinner?

It was a long day… Time to dine and relax

20 04 2010

It was a very long day…we didn’t have any photo opportunities.  However, we did take the time to go out for dinner and spend some quality time with family.

Going to Old Chicago for burgers

Uncle John and Flat Stanley are entering Old Chicago and they even the held the door open for Aunt Sandi.

Who is going to pay the bill?

Flat Stanley was nice enough to pay the bill…although, he did use Aunt Sandi’s credit card 😉

Family time... wonderful!!

When we came home Flat Stanley helped Nicole and Cody fix a very nice spaghetti dinner.

We were planning a bike ride for an afternoon activity but we are having afternoon thunderstorms.  The weather forecast for the week is approximately 67 degrees and thunderstorms.  Hopefully, we will be able to get outside this week.